GRV appoints new GM Integrity

Greyhound Racing Victoria’s continued emphasis on integrity and animal welfare has been reaffirmed with the appointment of Shane Gillard as GRV’s first General Manager of Integrity. Under previous GRV structures, integrity, racing and animal welfare had fallen under the one umbrella. Following recommendations from the Perna review, there will now be a separate integrity arm…

CEO Monthly Update – February 2016

GRV is continuing to build its internal capability and following a major review of GRV’s organisational arrangements, a new structure has been developed that will provide a better balance between GRV’s role in delivering a high quality racing program and its statutory responsibilities for integrity and animal welfare, which will now receive a much greater emphasis. For example, a nationwide search is now underway to identify outstanding candidates for the now vacant positions of General Manager, Integrity and General Manager, Animal Welfare. I will provide more details about GRV’s new structure in the next issue of Greyhound Monthly Victoria.