CEO Monthly Update November 2016

The big news this month is a major reversal on the banning of greyhound racing in NSW. While this is good news for the thousands of people involved in greyhound racing in NSW, the strict new framework for the sport in that State is a clear reminder that we can’t let the pace of reform in Victoria slacken. GRV’s 2016 Annual Report lays out the challenges ahead and the goals that GRV has set to drive a major transformation of the sport.

CEO Monthly Update July 2016

It has again been another very busy month for Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV). Seven of GRV’s eleven stakeholder engagement workshops (covering nine topics) have now been held, generating comprehensive discussion and new thinking about a range of issues, and this is covered in more detail in this edition of Greyhound Monthly Victoria. One workshop topic, breeding and breeding controls, looked at how we can make sure that enough greyhounds will reach the tracks ready to race for the sport’s long term future, while also ensuring that as many retired greyhounds as possible will have the best rehoming opportunities. On this subject, GRV has also been studying a recent downward trend in litter numbers and the implications this has for future breeding controls.